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Hi! I’m Cinna



A blogger. Passionate about sharing thoughts and information on everything that makes my days better. I've always been looking for great places to visit and delicious cuisine to enjoy. I hope you can find some inner peace during this adventure with me!

我是個擁有二十四個 Cinna 的人。





I am an exciting person. 

I've been studying finance as my major. In 2017, I had an internship in a stock exchange in Shenzhen, China. After graduating, I worked in a commercial bank as an assistant. In the meantime, teaching aerobic dance in the sports center is also one of my jobs to enrich my life.

As to my hobbies, mountain climbing and diving are my favorite outdoor activities. On the other side, browsing Netflix movies and TV series is what I enjoy the most while staying at home, with homemade tea as a chillax.

I used to record my daily life thru a diary, blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Now having a website on my own is truly a dream come true. From travel spots to delicious food, mental health awareness to comfort lifestyle, I'll spend my time sharing all these extraordinary things with you. 

Join me with my unique adventures and discover the best of the worlds!


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